Expert Choice Riskion: Because you can't manage risk if you can't measure risk


Expert Choice Riskion®

Manage the risks you face using enterprise risk management tools that align with your strategic goals.
Meet and exceed NIST 800-30 guidelines
  • Strategic risk assessment process
  • Easy-to-use team risk assessment tools
  • Resource allocation for risk reduction
  • Better measurement of probability, scenarios and events
  • Group collaboration tools to identify both overt and hidden risks
  • Internal alignment tools
  • Communication and transparency tools to increase speed of risk assessment and implementation

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Everything You Need for Improved Decision Making Analytics is Right Here

Expert Choice Comparion®

Make strategic decisions using proven decision making methods that save time, drive consensus and deliver more bang for your buck.
Collaborative solutions for organizational decision making:
  • Prioritization of objectives for strategic planning
  • Resource allocation planning
  • Choice models (selection of an alternative solution to a problem)

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Team Results Aligned to Objectives

Team Results Aligned to Objectives

Get faster team inputs, improved transparency and collaboration to deliver better strategies and tactics--all aligned with your corporate objectives.
Prioritize for Highest Value

Prioritize for Highest Value

Get clarity across all your project alternatives with enterprise software for clear and transparent prioritization.
Optimize Your Scenarios

Optimize Your Scenarios

Optimize with confidence using data to identify the best combination of actions across scenarios and time-frames.

Everything you need for improved decision making is right here.

All Expert Choice Solutions come with a powerful set of collaboration Features and project tools to simplify the management of your decision making while delivering measurably better outcomes.


  • Team decision tools that allow participation anytime, anywhere in the world
  • Project management tools to define participant roles and responsibilities
  • Science-based analytics that translate team knowledge, expertise and intuition into quantitative measures
  • Insight and survey tools that resolve conflicting priorities, and achieve stakeholder understanding and consensus
  • Structured, transparent decision making and risk assessment processes
  • Actionable reporting outputs and improved communications
  • Easy-to-use what-if scenarios

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Expert Choice

Expert Choice

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  • It’s a big feedback loop. When the rubber hits the road, and you have to commit funding, are you on strategy? Expert Choice provides both a reality check and feedback mechanism to consider different views and what-if-scenario.
    Jeff Evanson, Director
  • We’ve used Expert Choice for the past 4 years for IT Portfolio Management. In the first year alone we re- allocated $55 million from low benefit to high benefit projects. We’ve also reduced our time-to-budget from months to weeks.
    William Taylor, Office of the Deputy CIO for IT Reform
  • I’ve effectively used Expert Choice to prioritize initiatives that drive success based on alignment to company strategy and customer needs.
    Kenneth Henriksen
  • There used to be a lot of ‘gaming’ of the system. Now, we have a process that helps level the playing field, address the strategy, and help our team do the right thing.
    Jeff Evanson, Director
  • The process of doing this was even better than the result of doing it. It was such a great process and the conversations and the context was worth the admission.
    Linda Cureton, CIO

News & Events

Risk Misconceptions and Clarifications

Expert Choice Founder – Ernest Forman speaks at the Homeland Security, Homeland Defense and Civil Support session of the 84th Mors Symposium in Quantico Va.

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Mindset Innovation: Improving Risk Measurement and Control

Senior leaders who want to sleep better at night need to change their risk management mindset.

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Online Collaboration And Decision Making Just Got Easier With Comparion

Arlington, VA — Expert Choice Inc. announced the next release of Comparion® Suite, which includes several major enhancements designed to help organizations collaborate

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Since 1983, Expert Choice has been a leader in collaborative decision making software. Serving the Fortune 500, over 30 U.S. federal agencies, and more than 100 universities in over 60 countries worldwide Download Our White Paper 6 Guideline for Structured Decision Making

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