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Operational management decisions, strategic management options, financial management choices, marketing management opportunities – these realistic scenarios, these actual cases are the fodder for the pedagogical underpinnings of today’s business schools.

How does a pre-med student work with a family to select the proper course of treatment for a life-threatening illness?  How does a team of engineering students select the proper materials for a construction project? How do marketing students manage a proposed new product introduction?

Each of these situations is made up of complex decisions where numerous players are critically involved in the outcomes.  Making sure that priorities identification, priorities alignment and consensus-building occur is a job skill made real with Expert Choice’s Comparion Suite.

This pedagogical tool allows for:

  • Focus on strategic goals and objectives
  • Participant sense of ownership
  • Direct communication of how process lead to plans and results
  • Transparent “look in” so that all participants understand and can repeat the process

Ultimately, this allows instructors to recreate real world decision-making scenarios within the appropriate context of their specific academic discipline.  Best of all students are exposed to one of the most widely used commercial decision-making software suites available.  That’s real world experience they can take to the market.

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