Expert Choice Comparion® AHP Software for Collaborative Decision Making Solution


  • structure complex problems in a clear, understandable fashion
  • accurately measure the importance of competing objectives and alternatives
  • synthesize information, expertise, and judgments
  • conduct what-if and sensitivity analyses
  • clearly communicate results, and quickly repeat anytime
  • and allocate resources


Structured Decision Process

Comparion® Collaborative Decision Making Solution

Better, Faster

Strategic Planning Power



Prioritize for Highest Value

Get clarity across all your project alternatives with enterprise software for clear and transparent prioritization

Auto Optimize Your Scenarios

Optimize with confidence using data to identify the best combination of actions across scenarios and time-frames.

Rapidly Align on Results

Get faster team inputs, improved transparency and collaboration to deliver better strategies and tactics--all aligned with your corporate objectives.

What Our Clients Say

Using Expert Choice we realized a 75-99% increase in buy-in from their stakeholders as a result of using Expert Choice.
US Department of Veterans Affairs, US Department of Veterans Affairs

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Moving from team feedback to prioritization and optimization has never been faster or easier.

  • It’s a big feedback loop. When the rubber hits the road, and you have to commit funding, are you on strategy? Expert Choice provides both a reality check and feedback mechanism to consider different views and what-if-scenario.
    Jeff Evanson, Director
  • We’ve used Expert Choice for the past 4 years for IT Portfolio Management. In the first year alone we re- allocated $55 million from low benefit to high benefit projects. We’ve also reduced our time-to-budget from months to weeks.
    US Department of Housing and Urban Development
    William Taylor, Office of the Deputy CIO for IT Reform
  • I’ve effectively used Expert Choice to prioritize initiatives that drive success based on alignment to company strategy and customer needs.
    SPRINT Business Solutions
    Kenneth Henriksen
  • There used to be a lot of ‘gaming’ of the system. Now, we have a process that helps level the playing field, address the strategy, and help our team do the right thing.
    Jeff Evanson, Director
  • The process of doing this was even better than the result of doing it. It was such a great process and the conversations and the context was worth the admission.
    Linda Cureton, CIO

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