Did you know that your tools for lean portfolio management are leaving value on the table?

WSJF, Planning Poker, T-Shirt Sizing and Participatory Budgeting have deficiencies such as :
Inaccurate value estimation and job sizing
Treating time criticality as a value component when it should be used as a constraint
Treating risk and opportunity as distinct value components resulting in double counting

How Does EC Comparion For Lean Portfolio Management Work?


Couple Strategic Decision-Making and Agile Execution

Expert Choice will provide you with tools to realize more value and satisfaction. Our collaborative processes adhere to the science of decision-making, promote acceptance and buy-in, without adding burdensome overhead.

Better Resource Allocation

Expert Choice Comparion introduces an advanced strategic layer to resource allocation, predicting and planning resource distribution across Agile teams to maximize resource utilization and value across all investment horizons.


Enhanced Backlog Prioritization

Moving beyond immediate urgency, Expert Choice Comparion adopts a comprehensive approach to backlog prioritization, considering both Agile principles and strategic business impacts.

Backlog Prioritizations are linked to Strategy, and Flexible too!

We can see how much features and functions contribute to objectives, while also being able to visualize dependencies and optimize tasks given calendar and resource constraints. It's SO much easier to prioritize backlog items. Plus, if we get new information or a change in our resource pool we can re-prioritize on the fly!     

Business Value Measurement tied to Strategic Objectives



Backlog prioritization deserves a make-over!

Adding in collaborative decision tools, really speeds up the process, results in better estimates of job size, easily handles stakeholder inputs, and lets you handle a diverse array of resource constraints that we used to only consider as "guard rails."


LPM Backlog Prioritization EC Quick Video


Time Criticality in Scheduling

LPM Time Criticality


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