"The process of doing this was even better than the result of doing it. It was such a great process and the conversations and the context was worth the admission."

Linda Cureton, CIO     NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center

There used to be a lot of ‘gaming' of the system. Now, we have a process that helps level the playing field, address the strategy, and help our team do the right thing.

Jeff Evanson , Director   New Products and Market Development   Medtronic

We've used Expert Choice for the past 4 years for IT Portfolio Management. In the first year alone we re- allocated $55 million from low benefit to high benefit projects. We've also reduced our time-to-budget from months to weeks.

William Taylor   Office of the Deputy CIO for IT Reform   US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Expert Choice allows the business to focus its resources on the critical few items that really matter.

Carey W. Helper  Integrated Market Intelligence  Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida

There is viable process in place, projects are justified, all parties are involved, and the business understands the competing priorities within it.

Mike Berkley  Department Head  Development and Engineering  Washington Gas

I've effectively used Expert Choice to prioritize initiatives that drive success based on alignment to company strategy and customer needs.

Kenneth Henriksen   SPRINT Business Solutions

It's a big feedback loop. When the rubber hits the road, and you have to commit funding, are you on strategy? Expert Choice provides both a reality check and feedback mechanism to consider different views and what-if-scenario.

Jeff Evanson, Director  New Products and Market Development  Medtronic

We're not looking for a piece of technology that miraculously gives us money where we don't have it or leads to unnecessary decisions. Expert Choice helps us synthesize information together as a group. It uses our knowledge to derive the benefit of the tool. We need to understand what we are making decisions about. And we have to be knowledgeable, aware and engaged and willing to apply the tool in order to do that, It is us- not the tool- that is going to give us what we want."

Linda Cureton, CIO  NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center

Our problem is simple-we have a list of tasks (that may end up being substantially long, on the order of thousand items) to do what will consume budget and personnel resources. We need to prioritize these items based on input from a number of other groups each with their own priorities, needs, and organizational politics. We want to do this in a transparent, repeatable, and objective fashion to make it easier (or even possible) to teach consensus on priorities. Right now we use email, Power Point or Excel, and it's getting us nowhere. We need a solution we can count on.

Principal Consultant  Leading Government Contractor

We eliminated the downward spiral of simply giving people budgets based on last year's budget, plus or minus growth. Expert Choice provided transparency across the organization, and visibility into what things cost and how they align. It allowed people to think about things and challenge them. We didn't have that visibility before. It was an eye-opening experience to see how the projects aligned or not with our strategy-to know whether we are supporting projects strategically.

Jeff Evanson, Director  New Products and Market Development  Medtronic

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