What we offer: A Better Decision Process for Better Outcomes

Do you make tough business decisions every day? That’s where Expert Choice’s enterprise decision-making software and collaborative, yet structured approach comes in.

We firmly believe that better decisions make better businesses; and we work hard to provide robust, easy-to-use enterprise software solutions to make your daily decisions easier.

For nearly four decades, Expert Choice has promoted a collaborative, straightforward, and rigorous approach to complex decision-making. Expert Choice transforms confusing and mathematically incorrect decision processes into a repeatable, transparent, and verifiable process that creates more buy-in from key stakeholders.

With the right tools, we believe that your complex decision-making process can be simplified and optimized. That’s why we’ve made sure that our software is easy-to-use, has a minimal learning curve, is rooted on your organizational expertise, and leverages decision-making practices that are proven to deliver more optimal choices.

What We Do

At Expert Choice, we make your decisions easier so you can get back to the things that matter in your business.

Our real-time decision-making software combines cutting-edge technology with time-tested mathematics to allow you to collaborate with great minds around the globe for a unified and well-informed decision.

Through an unparalleled methodology, your business is able to bring together the right stakeholders to collaborate, set priorities, and move forward with the confidence that your decision is the most valuable one for the company.

In fact, Expert Choice prioritization platforms and methodologies have been taught at hundreds of universities and have been translated into several languages across the globe.

Currently, our software is utilized by nearly every industry to help make tough decisions easier:

Aerospace & Defense Applications
Non-Profit Organizations
Financial Services
Asset Management
Real Estate
And much more...

Who We Are

Expert Choice was founded in the early 1980’s to help organizations around the world make better, faster, and more transparent decisions.

Our team of industry and academic professionals have over 150 years of cumulative experience acting as informed educators, passionate advocates, and global partners for our customers.

In the early days, our initial decision-making software was powered by a computer that is less powerful than most modern cell phones. Today, our cross-platform, web-based collaboration tools expand across the globe to help thousands of customers gain deep insights into complex enterprise problems in a way that maximizes your team’s expertise and information sources..


We continually experiment with new ways to combine the power of the Internet with time-tested and reliable methodologies to improve the functionality of our software. We are looking forward to another thirty years of innovation, market leadership, and the continued success of our customers. At Expert Choice, we make your decisions easier so you can get back to the things that matter in your business.