Innovative and collaborative data gathering tools allow you to detect and get a clear picture of potential risks and their causes across your entire enterprise.


Use scientifically valid, accurate measures of relative risk to get the best combination of actions and events across all risk scenarios.
Mitigate & Control

Mitigate & Control

Relative risk measures powers optimization of resource allocations to control & mitigate treatments. Quickly and efficiently choose the best combination of treatments to manage risk across all scenarios.

Weighing the risks versus the reward is a smart business practice, but what if you’re running blind on actual risks and their related causes?


Get Prepared. Know your true risk factors beforehand.

What Is Riskion® Risk Management?

Riskion® is a revolutionary, web-based risk management tool designed to help enterprise-level businesses identify, accurately measure, and mitigate potential risks through professional crowdsourcing and mathematical models that will end your reliance on inferior spreadsheet swags.

To be successful in business, you should always be aware of events that could potentially impact your business or employees. By using pure ratio-based mathematics combined with experienced minds from around the world, Riskion® technology is able to identify any events, causes, and outcomes to help you allocate necessary resources to mitigate these risks.

Use our structured, disciplined process to eliminate confusion and embedded team collaboration and project management tools to improve communication and buy-in throughout your enterprise.

Riskion’s comprehensive risk identification and measurement algorithms help you make better risk decisions that are better understood throughout your organization in less time than ever before.

What Are the Benefits of Riskion® Risk Management?

Being aware of potential risks to your enterprise can mean the difference between bankruptcy and being a Fortune 500 company.

Riskion® risk management carries many incredible benefits that can be both obvious and obscure, but nonetheless crucial to a profitable business model.

  • Identifies potential vulnerabilities
    Identifies potential vulnerabilities in business framework.
  • Improve accountability
    Improve accountability and control over potential risk scenarios
  • Uncover hidden triggers, events, and risks.
    A process that allows your team to uncover hidden triggers, events, and risks.
  • Reliable relative measures of risk
    Reliable relative measures of risk that advance your ability to better allocate resources to manage and mitigate risk.
  • Risk treatment
    Scenario specific risk treatment portfolio recommendations.
  • Global crowdsourcing
    Global crowdsourcing lets you leverage a wide-range of experience.

Whether you’re looking to mitigate potential risks to infrastructure from a new development or develop risk treatments when introducing a new product, comprehensive risk management represents an incredible opportunity to get a leg up on the competition in your industry.


Mindset Innovation

Read more about improving risk management and control with Riskion.

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How Does Riskion® Compare to Other Risk Management Tools?

Unlike other risk assessment methods, you get a clear picture of controls with Riskion, complete with low and high probability events allowing you to design and optimize resources needed for your portfolio of controls.

  • Real risk measurement, not guesstimates.
  • Mathematically correct. (meaningful and comprehensive)*
  • Visual process.
  • Highly collaborative, team environment.
  • Simple web-based interface.
  • Science-based analytics.
  • Actionable reporting and analytics.

Riskion is the only tool that provides measures that are both comprehensive and meaningful.

While existing risk methodologies rely on mathematically meaningless shortcuts, Riskion® technology uses techniques that achieve true ratio scale measures for both risk and likelihood.

Riskion® uses a clear, visual model to help you identify objectives and distinguish between potential risk treatments.

Through our web-based crowdsource model, you are able to invite and request insight from everyone from your Board of Directors, experts within or outside your organization, or from stakeholders anywhere around the world. Once all judgments are provided, an initial risk model is designed based on probability and impacts of the risk event. This information is synthesized into a “bow-tie diagram” that gives you an easy to understand visual map to potential risk sources and objectives.

Now, you are fully aware of every source and cause of risk and outcomes that will help you design a complete map to an adequate solution. With this map, you can ensure that your business is ahead of the curve if and when potential risks occur.