• Operationalize your mission and vision
  • Compare alternative strategies
  • Communicates priorities and builds consensus around decisions
  • Document and easily communicate your decisions
  • Enables you to move forward quickly and confidently
  • Brings structure and measurement to your decision-making processes
  • Helps you determine strategic priorities and ensure decisions are tightly aligned to objectives
  • Provides tools for sensitivity analysis
  • Provides tools for risk informed decision making (RIDM) to accommodate uncertainty and risk asset management (RAM) to improve risk control planning

EC Comparion®

Manage the Strategic Risks You Take


Boards face tough, complex decisions that involve multiple stakeholders with competing objectives and mountains of data. While the decisions made for these complex issues can spell success or failure--few organizations have the tools or training needed to handle the broad spectrum of issues that arise in the normal course of operation.

Expert Choice Comparion® gives you structured tools, and repeatable processes to improve alignment with strategic objectives, decision-making collaboration, and team buy-in on decision outcomes.Spend less time debating reports based on meaningless rankings, and more time communicating, collaborating, and developing priorities and alternative solutions using sound, mathematically proven judgments.

Expert Choice Comparion® is designed to leverage the collective wisdom of the board  helping mind to synthesize qualitative and quantitative inputs from multiple stakeholders. The result is sound analysis and clear thinking that everyone in the organization agrees with and understands.


EC Riskion®
Strategically manage the Risks You Face 

Boards need to oversee how their organizations identify and manage risk. Riskion® is a revolutionary risk management tool to identify, accurately measure, and mitigate potential risks through professional crowd-sourcing and mathematical models that will end reliance on inferior spreadsheet swags. 

Riskion’s comprehensive risk identification and measurement algorithms help boards guide their organizations into making better risk decisions that are better understood throughout your organization in less time than ever before. Your organization can use our structured, disciplined process to eliminate confusion and embedded team collaboration and project management tools to improve communication and buy-in throughout your enterprise.





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