Transforming Agile Frameworks with Strategic Decision-Making

In the realm of software development, Agile methodologies have set a benchmark for efficiency and adaptability. However, integrating Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) into these frameworks brings its unique set of challenges, particularly in strategic decision-making. This is where Expert Choice Comparion emerges as a crucial tool, enhancing the... Read More

Why You Should Embrace Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Software

Before AHP software, there were spreadsheets. These spreadsheets were built on the weights and scores system, and often relied on multi-criteria decision-making, or MCDM. MCDM was intended to help organizations prioritize decision initiatives on their strategy roadmaps. Read More

Maximizing Opportunities to Ensure Optimal Decisions

Every day, we are faced with choices. Some of those choices are relatively easy, like deciding what to have for breakfast or choosing a movie to watch (okay, that one maybe isn’t as easy). However, in the corporate world, organizations are consistently dealing with uncertain challenges that require immediate and effective problem-solving. Read More

3 Key Pillars for Strategic Decision-Making

We can all agree that accountability and transparency are goals for every organization. This is especially true when considering decision-making processes, as these two elements are crucial to ensure final decisions are defensible, accepted, and understood by key stakeholders. So why is it that many organizations often struggle to achieve... Read More

How to Make Decisions Faster Without Sacrificing Quality

For modern-day organizations, the pace of ideation is faster than ever before. Regardless of industry and size, teams across the globe are working to figure out how to make decisions faster without sacrificing the quality of those decisions. And while many organizations have no problem generating new ideas and brainstorming ways to bring them to... Read More

Risk Planning for the Next Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that improved planning for global disease outbreaks is necessary. The next severe pandemic is coming: it’s not a matter of if, but when. Read More

Can your risk solution model 'many-to-many' relationships?

Choosing controls and subsequently optimizing the allocation of resources to risk controls requires identification and processing the many to many relationships involved between risk events, causes of the events, and objectives to which the events have consequences. Read More

How to build a roadmap to support your workforce during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

Employers all around the globe are reacting to Covid-19, anxious to support their employees, customers, suppliers and communities. The media, consultancies and vendors are crowding our media feeds and inboxes with proffered solutions and advice, some of which promises to change the way we work forever. Read More

Covid-19: Prioritize your worries

Covid-19 Risk Reduction: What's next? Read More

Risk Event Defined

An event is something that happens. Read More