Key Decision Guidelines 1. Clarify Decision Terminology

1. Clarify decision terminology to make sure everyone on your team is reading from the same “playbook.”  Read More

Make Important Decisions Better with Structured Decision Making

Determining the best way to make decisions and set priorities has been a topic for debate since ancient times. Science and experience are finally converging to advise us on clear approaches to make better decisions. Read More

What does risk mean to you?

Perhaps you’d say risk is the chance or danger that something is going to happen to cause you to lose something or fail to achieve some goal? WIkipedia defines Risk as the potential of gaining or losing something of value.   But did you know there are two types of Risk—the risks you take and the risks you face?  With the former you have control... Read More

Effective Decision Making: A common blind spot kills productivity

Being a good leader requires more than just knowing the right way to do things. It also requires knowing how to choose the right things to do. Decision-making is undoubtedly the most difficult and essential task a manager performs. Effective decision making makes it possible for organizations to succeed by aligning resources with objectives.... Read More

Tesla Test Drive

Can Expert Choice Comparion improve on the Black Sholes Options Pricing Model? Read More

Presidential Voting Model

Find Your Political Match – Why should dating sites have all the fun? Read More

Wisdom of Crowds

The increasingly interconnected world no longer supports the belief that decision-making is best left in the hands of an enlightened elite. Sharing relevant enterprise-information across projects and/or departments engages workers and can improve performance.  Leveraging available social media develops more robust channels of internal... Read More

Portfolio Optimization and Sequestration

Fiscal cliff readiness?  How can we manage the damage sequestration can cause to our programs? Read More

AHP: Subjective Decisions are Rational

There's not as much difference as we might think between subjective vs objective assessments. That's because all important decisions are really subjective?  This means that you are wise to consider subjective factors, and resist calls to rely only on "objective facts" when you make important decisions.  Here's why. Read More

Do you know the difference between investing and gambling?

What is the difference between investing and gambling?  The short answer is that in the long run, gambling will result in a loss, but investing will result in a gain.  But how do you know which is which?  In order to tell, you need to know something about the probability distribution.  Following along the arguments presented in the book, The... Read More