AHP and Decision Strategy Consulting

More than 40 years helping organizations tackle complex decisions
Expert Choice offers “surgical strike” consulting services that deliver rapid value. Our customers tell us that our engagements have delivered more benefit to their organizations in just a few days than other consultants have delivered in months.

Our clients rely upon our consulting services when they:


  • Are faced with complex decisions requiring the input of many stakeholders
  • Have expertise on hand but want an external facilitator who can bring a strategic process to more quickly reach a final consensus
  • Need more internal alignment so everyone is on the “same page”
  • Want more perspective on important decisions that may have “hidden” impacts
  • Want an independent third party to mediate a decision-making process
  • More efficiently brainstorm, communicate and collect decision input across geographies and time-zones

Expert Choice consulting engagements are custom designed to meet the needs of your specific decision. From facilitating important decisions in the board room or over the Internet, we can help your team navigate through complex decisions and reach actionable outcomes, build buy-in, and move forward with confidence.

A typical engagement with Expert Choice starts with a scoping discussion. We will engage your team with a customized approach to help:

  • Frame the decision challenge (and ensure alignment with strategic objectives)
  • Measure your objectives or criteria
  • Evaluate your alternatives (leveraging both data and expert judgment)
  • Synthesize your results
  • Examine “what-if” scenarios
  • Create actionable outcomes (and optimize allocations)
  • Reach consensus
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AHP Training: Learn how to use the analytic hierarchy process to power better decisions.

Empowering you with cutting-edge collaborative decision-making methodologies

Empower yourself and your colleagues to bring the value of Expert Choice software and methodologies to your organization and make better, faster, and more justifiable decisions.

Expert Choice regularly offers public training sessions in the Washington, DC region for basic and advanced participants . We also offer private, customized training services that can take place at your location.

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Expert Choice Green Belt Training

Designed for the decision practitioner and portfolio manager, the Expert Choice Green Belt is the leading decision training course available today. It leverages years of expertise gleaned from real-world consulting engagements and packs it into two engaging and challenging days of learning.

The Expert Choice Green Belt course includes a variety of individual, small team and large group exercises, and challenges you to get up in front of your peers to facilitate them through a decision.

During this course you will learn:

  • How to structure and manage complex decisions
  • The basic tenets of the Analytic Hierarchy Process
  • Basic and advanced Expert Choice software usage skills
  • Group decision making best practices
  • Portfolio management and resource allocation using the EC Resource Aligner
  • Solution deployment best practices and decision governance

Certification: Provisional Expert Choice Green Belt certificate upon successful completion of course; Full Expert Choice Green Belt certificate upon successful submission and approval of work products.

Duration: 1.5 Days

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