Expert Choice Comparion® streamlines the trade study process.

Deliver documented, informed trade-off decisions.

How Does EC Comparion For Trade-off Studies Work?

  • Easily frame, and structure the decision
    Identify the decision to be made, enabling cross-silo communication and collaboration that drives consensus on the decision to be made and objectives of the trade study
  • Identify + Brainstorm the Criteria and Alternatives
    Beyond listing the possible solutions or outcomes of each alternative, Comparion also permits teams to use alternative pro/con brainstorming and intensity levels (such as high, medium, or low, gold, silver, or bronze).
  • Analyzes input from each team member to rank strategic objectives based on importance
    Each individual on your team has their own opinion of what the deciding factors should be. Expert Choice puts an end to the lengthy debate by having each person answer questions related to your strategic objectives. The software analyzes the data and shows which criteria should be given priority.
  • Rates each alternative based on how they meet your team’s needs
    No more pouring over Excel spreadsheets to find a compromise. Expert Choice will show you which alternatives are recommended  based on what your team values the most.
  • Reports final rankings of objectives and alternatives for your entire team or a designated group
    You’ll have all the tools at your fingertips to enable traceability and repeatability.


Clear Priority Results: View by all participants, groups, or individuals 



Expert Choice Comparion is the gold-standard for formal trade studies, more formally known as trade-off analyses.

Comparion provides crucial tools for engineering and systems teams to easily (re)optimize design decisions when there are many competing criteria, with different levels of importance, cost, and schedule.

Comparion goes beyond the limits of simple spreadsheets, helpful teams define, refine, and solidify both design criteria and alternative component solutions, while ensuring that bias is identified and addressed.




What Our Clients Say

Yes :-) Decision making without the bias!
Great tool to use for my clients for the selection processes.
We increased consensus by 50-75%.
Defense System Integrator - Expert Choice User Survey
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Expert Choice powers better, faster decisions.

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