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Risks We Face

Risks we face are uncertain EVENTS that matter. Matter in that if they occur, there will be a loss to one more more of the organization’s objectives.

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Wisdom of Crowds

The increasingly interconnected world no longer supports the belief that decision-making is best left in the hands of an enlightened elite. Sharing relevant enterprise-information across projects and/or departments engages workers and can improve performance.  Leveraging available social media develops more robust channels of internal...

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Portfolio Optimization and Sequestration

Fiscal cliff readiness?  How can we manage the damage sequestration can cause to our programs?

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AHP: Subjective Decisions are Rational

Did you know that all important decisions are really subjective?  This means that you are wise to consider subjective factors, and resist calls to rely only on "objective facts" when you make important decisions.  Here's why.

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Do you know the difference between investing and gambling?

What is the difference between investing and gambling?  The short answer is that in the long run, gambling will result in a loss, but investing will result in a gain.  But how do you know which is which?  In order to tell, you need to know something about the probability distribution.  Following along the arguments presented in the book, The...

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