MaryAnn Selly

Mary Ann Selly is CFO of Expert Choice, and has over 3 decades of experience in AHP based decision-making. Selly is co-author of "Decision by Objectives which presents a practical approach to decision-making with a sound theoretical foundation. Intended for both the student and the professional, the book includes approaches to prioritizing, evaluating alternative courses of action, forecasting, and allocating resources.

Recent Posts

Two Types of Risk

In our last blog we learned that there are two classifications of of risk: the risks you take, where you have control and the risks you face which are caused by involuntary events. (Read "What does risk mean to you?") Here we will discuss the risks you face. Read More

What does risk mean to you?

Perhaps you’d say risk is the chance or danger that something is going to happen to cause you to lose something or fail to achieve some goal? WIkipedia defines Risk as the potential of gaining or losing something of value. But did you know there are two types of Risk—the risks you take and the risks you face? With the former you have control and... Read More