Ensure your Risk Appetite

Strategy Aligned Risk Appetite

Decide which Risks to Take

Decide how to best Face Risk

Prioritize for Highest Value

Prioritize for Highest Value

  • It’s a big feedback loop. When the rubber hits the road, and you have to commit funding, are you on strategy? Expert Choice provides both a reality check and feedback mechanism to consider different views and what-if-scenario.
    Jeff Evanson, Director
  • We’ve used Expert Choice for the past 4 years for IT Portfolio Management. In the first year alone we re- allocated $55 million from low benefit to high benefit projects. We’ve also reduced our time-to-budget from months to weeks.
    William Taylor, Office of the Deputy CIO for IT Reform
  • I’ve effectively used Expert Choice to prioritize initiatives that drive success based on alignment to company strategy and customer needs.
    Kenneth Henriksen
  • There used to be a lot of ‘gaming’ of the system. Now, we have a process that helps level the playing field, address the strategy, and help our team do the right thing.
    Jeff Evanson, Director
  • The process of doing this was even better than the result of doing it. It was such a great process and the conversations and the context was worth the admission.
    Linda Cureton, CIO

News & Events

Risk Misconceptions and Clarifications

Expert Choice Founder – Ernest Forman speaks at the Homeland Security, Homeland Defense and Civil Support session of the 84th Mors Symposium in Quantico Va.

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A Conversation with Expert Choice CEO on Government Transparency and Collaboration

A little over one year ago President Obama came into office promising a more transparent, collaborative, and participitory government. Expert Choice CEO Rich Dougherty sat down

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Online Collaboration And Decision Making Just Got Easier With Comparion

Arlington, VA — Expert Choice Inc. announced the next release of Comparion® Suite, which includes several major enhancements designed to help organizations collaborate

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