Online Collaboration and Decision-Making Just Got Easier with Comparion®

Software Release from Expert Choice Helps Groups Focus Discussions and Find Common Ground

Arlington, VA -- Expert Choice Inc. announced the next release of Comparion® Suite, which includes several major enhancements designed to help organizations collaborate throughout the entire decision-making process. Incorporating dozens of customer-suggested features, the release helps teams work together over the Web to structure decisions, set priorities, evaluate options, and identify areas of common ground.

With the Latest Comparion release, users can:

  • Structure Decisions Collaboratively: The Virtual Whiteboard enables teams to work together to identify and structure objectives and alternatives (options)
  • Identify Common Ground: The Consensus View helps teams identify areas of common ground and explore areas of disagreement, allowing for focused, productive discussions
  • Get Everyone Involved. Design and workflow upgrades to TeamTime make it easier than ever to involve stakeholders and subject-matter experts in interactive focus groups
  • Save Time and Money. Teams can reach consensus and a shared understanding efficiently and without travel - allowing them to move to execution quickly.

Comparion is a robust Web-based software solution that helps organizations collaborate and prioritize in areas such as IT portfolio optimization, procurement, vendor selection, and project management. In addition to enabling teams prioritize objectives and evaluate alternatives, the latest Comparion release helps groups to involve everyone to structure decisions, identify common ground and focus discussions towards building consensus and shared understanding.

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Expert Choice brings rational decision-making to a complex world. Since 1983, Expert Choice serves as the world leader in collaborative, decision-making software serving more than 100 of the Fortune 500 and 30 U.S. Federal Agencies. Its software is taught in over 100 universities and used in 60 countries worldwide. Its solutions are designed for business and government leaders who want to save time and improve their bottom lines. Expert Choice, Inc. is located in Arlington, VA


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