Streamlined decision process, better ROI and performance.

Comparion® uses a global collaboration model and is backed by over three decades of experience and decision-making leadership.
Measurement of anticipated contribution of proposed projects that are theoretically sound.
Actionable analytics. Generate one or more optimized portfolios based on a range of budgets & constraint scenarios.
Incorporate risks, as well as benefits and costs.
Allows participation any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.
See relative strategic benefits combined with traditional metrics to monitor and control portfolio performance.
Multi-period planning simultaneously delivers actionable short, mid and long-term planning.
Quickly accommodate new information. Iterate anytime with fewer, faster meetings.
Easy-to-use what-if scenarios for fast approval and implementation.

What Our Clients Say

Expert Choice Comparion software is a strong collaboration tool for the project management process, providing structure that allows decision makers to understand decisions and move forward more quickly.


Now you can take your project management portfolio to the next level while saving your team precious time in meetings by improving communication and transparency. The benefits of implementing a decision-making tool like Comparion extend far beyond simply making the right project choice. Comparion® allows you to accurately measure the importance of each objective and potential alternatives to arrive at the best, most valuable decision to move your enterprise forward.  Comparion®

If you often find yourself on the hunt for the perfect solution to each of your problems but don’t want to hire a consultant, Comparion is the ideal choice to make the rest of your choices easier and more profitable.

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