Find Your Political Match – Why should dating sites have all the fun?

It’s time again to elect the next President of the United States. Not to mention Congress and your state and local representatives.  Arguably, as important as picking a potential partner.

So, how do you analyze the criteria determining which candidates are the best for you and the country?

Do looks matter? Political stances. Public opinion polls? Coverage from your favorite news reporters, or social posts from opinion leaders like Fareed Zakaria, George Will, or Bill O'Reilly? How well do your first impressions predict your ultimate choices?

Don’t you wish there was a better way to choose candidates--without all the noise?  Don’t you wish your fellow Americans would choose their President based on how well candidates matched their values?

Voter guide: Based on your views, which candidate should you vote for in 2016?

Try the interactive Expert Choice Comparion Presidential Choice model

There is also a wealth of information  about each candidate and their record on the issues organized to be at you finger tips when you may need it.

Give it a try. Have fun. Share it.


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