Can Expert Choice Comparion improve on the Black Sholes Options Pricing Model?

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Ernest Forman, DSc., Professor of Decision Sciences at The George Washington University, is studying to determine if the combination of decision science and crowd sourcing can outperform the Black-Scholes approach for pricing stock options.

According to Dr. Forman, “The Black-Scholes approach makes some assumptions that are not necessarily reasonable, especially for the longer term — such as trading LEAP options.  I think we can use ‘wisdom of the crowds’ as a new, better way to derive probability distributions for stocks as an alternative to the Black-Scholes approach.”

To test his theory, Dr. Forman leverages crowdsourcing to compute a probability distribution using the principle right eigenvector, which is proven effective in deriving priorities and likelihoods from data and/or judgments.  He created a crowdsourcing model for Tesla, where participants may answer the question:

“What do you think the price of Tesla stock will be in January 2018?”

…using a short survey that includes a series of pairwise comparisons. Participants can see their own judgments and the combined judgments of the crowd, then review results for expected values and simulations of various buy/sell stock or stock options for Tesla.

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